Can I upgrade or cancel my Interface subscription?

Absolutely, Interface offers flexible subscription options to ensure that the service aligns with your evolving business needs.

Here's how you can manage your subscription:

Upgrading or Cancelling Your Subscription:

  • Assess Your Needs: Take some time to assess your current progress and decide whether you need some assistance with setting up quizzes, we have a program where we can build your quizzes with you and have a lot of the difficult parts done for you!
  • Contact Support:
    • Reach Out for Assistance: The Interface support team is available to help you with changing your subscription. You can contact them at
  1. Process Changes:
    • Confirmation of Changes: Once you've made your decision and contacted support, they will guide you through the process. The support team will confirm once your subscription has been successfully updated.
    • Adjustment in Billing: Note that there may be changes in your billing cycle or charges based on your new subscription plan. Interface support team will provide details regarding any new billing arrangements.
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