Integration Steps

In order for your quiz to automatically send emails to the prospects, you will need to set up an integration between the Interface software and your email provider/ CRM system.

We recommend using Zapier as the tool for this integration.

Overview of steps:

  • API Keys: Retrieve the API key from your Interface account settings. See API key section for more information.
  • Zapier Connection: Use Zapier to create a “Zap” that connects Interface with your CRM. Choose Interface as the trigger app and your CRM as the action app.
  • Map Data Fields: Ensure that fields such as email, name, and quiz outcomes are correctly mapped from Interface to corresponding fields in your CRM.
  • Test and Activate: Run a test to ensure the data flows correctly, then activate the Zap for live data transfer.

Please follow the steps below to integrate with Zapier:

1. Simply sign into Zapier first. Then click this link and accept the invite:

2. After step 1 is complete, click :Create a new Zap" and then search for "Interface"

3. Authenticate with Interface by finding your API key inside the "my account" section of the Interface web portal.

Alternatively, If you want to provide the Zapier account details, quiz name and destination of where you want things to go, we can look assist with this integration.

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