High-Level Tour Inside Your First Flow

Taking a high-level tour inside your first flow will give you a clear picture of the journey your participants will embark upon. From the initial interaction to the final call to action, every component of the flow is designed to engage, inform, and convert. Here’s a detailed walkthrough:

1. Welcome Screen

  • First Impression: This is the starting point of your flow where participants get their first impression. It sets the tone and expectations for the quiz.
  • Content Elements: Participants will see a preview of the first question along with the name, title, or hook of the quiz. The hook should be compelling to encourage participants to start the quiz.

2. Question Interface

  • Engagement Core: The heart of your flow where participants respond to your questions. Each question is presented clearly, ensuring that the participant understands what is being asked.
  • Response Options: Alongside each question, participants are provided with response options. These can be in various formats like multiple-choice, sliders, or text input.

3. Interactive Elements

  • Dynamic Interaction: Your flow can include interactive elements like branching logic, where the path of the quiz adapts based on the answers chosen by the participant.
  • Branching: This feature allows for a personalized experience, as participants can receive direct responses or follow different paths based on their answers.

4. Opt-In Form

  • Data Capture: Opt-in forms are strategically placed to capture participant data such as name, email, and phone number. You can decide whether these fields are mandatory or optional, based on your data collection strategy.
  • Mandatory Email: The email field is typically mandatory, ensuring that you can follow up with participants after they complete the quiz.

5. Outcomes

  • Results or Feedback: At the end of the flow, participants reach the outcome page, where they receive results or feedback based on their quiz answers.
  • Soft Offer Introduction: This stage is an excellent opportunity to introduce a soft offer, such as signing up for a workshop, scheduling a 1:1 call, or registering for a webinar.
  • Webinar Mode: There's also an option to play a webinar on this page, providing valuable content and further engaging your participants.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

  • Next Steps Encouragement: The flow concludes with a CTA, urging participants to take further action. This could involve visiting a website, signing up for a newsletter, or exploring additional content.
  • Conversion Opportunity: A well-crafted CTA is crucial as it capitalizes on the engagement and interest generated throughout the quiz, guiding participants on what to do next.

This high-level tour inside your first flow highlights the journey from engagement to conversion. Each component plays a crucial role in creating a seamless and effective experience for your participants, ultimately guiding them towards your desired action.

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