Creating your first quiz

Steps to Create Your First Flow in Interface

  • Accessing the Flow Builder:
    • When you first log in to Interface, you will be brought into the flow builder directly. Here you can create the name for your first flow and start building your first quiz right away. There is also an option to select the “back” button to go directly back to the main dashboard where everything in your software account is housed.
  • Initiating a New Flow:
    • Upon logging in, you will be given the option to create a new flow name and build out your first quiz. 
  • Naming Your Flow:
    • Enter a name for your flow. Choose a name that clearly represents the purpose or content of the quiz or survey you are creating. The name of your flow will only be visible in the back office, so choose a name which will make it easy to find and navigate in the software.
  • Welcome Card
    • The Welcome card is where you can create your quiz hook, this will be visible to your audience upon landing on your quiz, make sure to create an intriguing and catchy name to hook their attention and generate interest.
    • There is no video on the welcome card, the welcome card plays a preview of card 1/question 1.
  • Adding Questions:
    • Start adding questions to your flow. Choose from different question types like multiple choice or yes/no questions.
    • Write clear and concise questions, and add possible answers which will help you to segment your audience into different buckets/ categories.
    • When creating questions, we recommend adding thought provoking and insightful questions instead of qualifying questions. In the age of social media and short videos, it's very important to keep the quiz engaging and interesting for the viewer (this will help to prevent drop offs)
    • When creating questions and answers, we recommend to have questions up to 6-8 words maximum and around 3-4 answers. This will help with the flow of the quiz, too many answers can be overwhelming and cover up too much of the screen, causing clutter and distractions.
  • Customizing Question Settings:
    • Adjust settings for each question, such as time limits, branching logic (if one answer leads to a specific follow-up question), and more.
    • There are multiple journey options when creating your quizzes, try your best to keep it interactive and engaging for the viewer for the best retention and results- think of how much Value you can add, when bringing them into your Universe!
  • Designing the Flow:
    • Use Interface’s design tools to customize the look of your flow. This includes selecting color schemes, and customizing questions and videos to match your branding.
  • Setting Up Outcomes or Results:
    • Define the outcomes or results based on the responses. For quizzes, this could be a score or category/ bucket for each outcome.
  • Previewing Your Flow:
    • Use the preview feature to see how your flow looks and functions. Ensure everything works as expected and make adjustments if necessary.
    • You can also minimize the screen size while working on a laptop, to view your flow in mobile screen format.
  • Saving and Publishing:
    • Once you're satisfied with the flow, publish it by sharing with your audience. You can share the flow with your audience via email or social media or by embedding it onto your website.
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